Masters of Email Marketing – Autumn 2023

Our latest Masters of Email Marketing webinar just rolled out on October 19th, led by Smaily’s dynamic duo CEO Erkki Markus and Marketing Director Tanel Rand. And it wasn't just like any regular webinar out there! The outstanding international group of speakers from different corners of the world shared their unique and detailed knowledge of various aspects of email marketing.
We're over the moon with how everyone jumped in, sharing questions and engaging during this jam-packed session. Our main jam? Sparking conversations and sharing the good stuff so everyone can rock their email marketing game. 


Missed a session? Or simply wish to revisit your favorite moments? All the presentations are right below, ready to watch whenever you need a sprinkle of inspiration to dazzle your subscribers. Dive in! 

Based on her vast knowledge of the field, strategy queen Adriana Tica took us on a deep dive into the tricks of how to reach a broad audience. The struggle to get into users’ inboxes is indeed real, but Adriana taught us how to expand our email list and make all the work pay off in this very saturated market we work in. 

Check out her presentation here!

Alex Arnault

Email deliverability is one of the most important (and often the most “thorniest”) topics for email marketers. GlockApps CEO Alex Arnaut helped us through this unavoidable topic, laying out the laws to remember when reaching the mailbox and the errors to avoid. 

Check out his presentation here!

Clara Toombs

Clara Toombs Consulting

Clara Toombs led us through the "catwalk" of email marketing to appeal to fashion enthusiasts and marketers who seek to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. She shared tailored strategies that help drive sales and foster relationships in the fiercely competitive fashion retail industry.

Check out her presentation here!

Renowned email marketing expert Beata Linz took us to the multichannel galaxy in her vibrant presentation. We learned how to effectively collect leads, analyze, and truly understand our audience's psychology and interests. Knowing our subscribers is key, and this deep dive is a must for you to see! 

Check out her presentation here!

Ireen Deuda

Freelance Email Marketer

Ireen Deuda expertly guided us through the maze of A/B testing. With her insights on creating a hypothesis, selecting the right sample size, and identifying key elements to test, we gained an all-around understanding of this essential aspect of email marketing. 

Check out her presentation here!

Beth O'Malley

Astral Digital

Ah, automation in email marketing – one of the most talked about realms there is! However, it is possible to get lost in this field, and Astral Digital founder Beth O’Malley brought us to reality, explaining how not to practice it. Of course, we also learned how to properly map out the automation process and create a journey that really works.

Check out her presentation here!

Laura Sciacca

Flat Circle

During her presentation, Laura Sciacca shared insights on segment personalization based on the type of emails being sent, strategies for determining whether to send smaller or larger email campaigns, and tips for building segments based on analytics.

Check out her presentation here!

Sella Yoffe


DATAMEDIA founder, podcaster, and email marketing expert Sella Yoffe delved into a fresh yet rarely discussed topic – Gmail's blue checkmark. He provided valuable insights on Gmail's blue checkmark’s implications for email marketers regarding authentication. DMARC journey, BIMI logo, VMC certificate are now all known concepts for our webinarees! 

Check out his presentation here!

We all want something more permanent than short-term success. Email Marketing Manager Elise Warner Rossi gave us essential tips to grow retention through careful planning and make it in the long run for subscription businesses. 

Check out her presentation here!

The recordings of the entire event are up on Smaily's YouTube channel!

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Feedback from participants:

Doug Dennison
Founder of

"Thank you for organizing such an informative event! Looking forward to the highlights and recordings."

Dmitri Litau
CEO @ Litau Büroo OÜ

"Many thanks for a very interesting conference. I believe you did a lot of work to make this conference so practical."

Filip Pintaric
Freelance Email Marketing Specialist

"Very insightful event. And cool guests. Looking forward to the next one 😁🤘"

Now, your undivided attention please!

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Thank you to all the amazing experts and wonderful “Masters of Email Marketing – Autumn 2023” webinar attendees!

In the meantime, we wish you email marketing that is functional in technicalities, valuable in terms of content, captivating in its visuals, and beneficial for everyone! 
See you nex year!
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