Masters of Email Marketing – Spring 2024

Masters of Email Marketing – Spring 2024 webinar blossomed into an ultimate success! It was once again led by everyone's favorite familiar faces, Smaily’s CEO Erkki Markus and Marketing Director Tanel Rand, bringing together an extraordinary group of the world's top experts in the field. Unique and detailed insights were given on various aspects of email marketing, from deliverability to copywriting and beyond.

We were thrilled by the insightful questions raised by the viewers and the engaging discussions with the performers. It is a blessing to once again broadcast valuable knowledge to all email marketing fans, entrepreneurs, and fellow marketers. This way, we can collectively elevate email marketing up the list of people's favorite digital content! 

Thank you to everyone who enhanced our event with their live participation! If you missed a presentation or two or want to listen to some of them again, don't worry! They are available below for watching whenever you need inspiration to impress your subscribers.

Katarzyna Garbaciak


Our webinar had an excellent start, as IT industry connoisseur Katarzyna Garbaciak kicked it off by making a difficult concept quite clear for us! The email journey can sometimes be full of tricky twists and turns, but Katarzyna's wonderfully and logically structured presentation showed us the journey our treasured emails go through before they can successfully achieve their purpose. A truly specialized excursion into the unavoidable technicalities of the email world!


Check out her presentation here!

Elizabeta Kuzevska

Online Marketing Academy

Continuing the energetic start of the day, Elizabeta Kuzevska delved into one of the most pressing topics of our time. Of course, this topic is AI, and we discovered that it is not so scary and negative in the context of email marketing! Elizabeta provided us with an in-depth discussion on creating holiday emails with AI's help, like a true email architect. A practical presentation with live examples, in which we learned to use adequate frameworks in ChatGPT. Of course, by considering our brand’s voice and the purpose of specific campaigns. 


Check out her presentation here!

Hannah Lipschutz

Hannah Lipschutz Copywriting & CopyTribe

For the third presentation, we moved on to the three most important sequences every email marketer should master. Reaching the expert level would mean knowing them as thoroughly as sales booster extraordinaire – Hannah Lipschutz. From interesting subject lines to a humane and trust-building approach, Hannah shared the best tips for writing welcome and abandoned cart email sequences, as well as order confirmation and shipping notification emails. An extremely insightful presentation with truly original perspectives! 


Check out her presentation here!

Erkki Markus


The fourth presentation was by our very own Erkki Markus, who discussed email marketing strategies that combine micro-segmentation and hyper-personalization. Real-life examples were included! From increasing engagement to seeing ROI reach the heights we dream of, we were handed quintessential tactical insights from a true top expert in the quality of email marketing.


Check out his presentation here!

Jekaterina Kokatjuhha

Katja Loom Academy

We all want to find long-term clients. By utilizing all the aspects of customer lifetime value, we can see great financial results from our marketing and business activities. Jekaterina Kokatjuhha offered us her helping hand by utilizing her expertise and marketing math skills in CLV calculations. In her insightful presentation, she taught us how to identify the best customers for our business and what motivates them to buy.  


Check out her presentation here!

Yanna-Torry Aspraki

EmailConsul & EspecialMail

As long as email marketing exists, we cannot get over or around the deliverability issue! Thus, as the sixth expert, our webinar was graced with the presence of highly qualified deliverability expert Yanna-Torry Aspraki – a delightfully familiar face to some of the participants of our webinars from the past. In her presentation this time, she gave us a checklist with mandatory questions to ask ourselves when creating a campaign. From this inspiring presentation, we learned how to avoid writing tiring marketing emails and create compelling campaigns guaranteed to land in the inbox.


Check out her presentation here!

Alex Danchenko


There are various approaches that can be adopted to attract customers' attention. People use multiple channels to communicate with brands, and being present in all of them is essential. Omnichannel strategies are fundamental for every email marketer to know, and Alex Danchenko is a certified expert in this field. In his presentation, Alex discussed the steps to create a unified customer profile by consolidating all the channel data available. After all, our primary objective is to focus on the customer's interests and give them the spotlight they deserve.


Check out his presentation here!

Laura Atkins

Word to the Wise

What email marketing webinar would it be if we didn't talk about the news that recently rocked the email world? Word to the Wise co-founder Laura Atkins spoke about the current state of email marketing, taking inspiration from the new requirements announced by Google and Yahoo. To understand what’s to come, we must first know what has been, which is why this presentation was a must-see for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of email marketing. By examining both the past and the future with Laura, we realized that being at the webinar was the best strategy for the present!


Check out her presentation here!

Emily Benoit


The evolution of email marketing has shown various developments and brought new currents while also leaving behind some old practices. However, what always retains its importance in marketing any business is personalization – a truth for which we do not need a crystal ball. In this webinar, Lifecycle Engagement Manager Emily Benoit took on this mandatory topic, teaching us how to build a personalization program from zero. We went on an imaginative and collective journey to learn how to develop and solidify our game plan and use data for communication that speaks to customers as directly as possible. Plenty of food for thought and great tricks to use in our future campaigns!


Check out her presentation here!

Ryan Phelan


Last but not least, RPE Origin CEO and leading email marketing expert Ryan Phelan brightened our evening and concluded the webinar with his fascinating and lively discussion on incremental innovation in email marketing. How can you make your email marketing automations highly sophisticated? Ryan cited real-life, complex case studies he's worked with to illustrate how we could make the most out of the automation game.


Check out his presentation here!

The recordings of the entire event are up on Smaily's YouTube channel

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Rui Nunes

Professor, founder of sendXmail & Zopply

"Congrats to the whole team. Everyone shared a ton of great talks. 🙌"

Ireen Deuda

Email marketer & lead generation expert

"Congratulations Tanel, Erkki Markus, speakers, and the whole team!"