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"Masters of Email Marketing – Fall 2022"!

Yet another successful email marketing webinar took place on the 17th of November, with the help of our good partner PR News IO. The event featured four international email marketing experts who shared their insights into the vast field in which we all work.
In addition to sharing the unique experiences and thoughts of our four experts, what made this event successful was the fact that such a large and international number of members of the email marketing community came together. That includes you!
As a thank you, we are sharing with you all the materials of our speakers. Also, if you want to keep up with email marketing discussions (and maybe even have a special say in them), check out the LinkedIn posts of our expert speakers!

After Erkki and Tanel from Smaily made the introduction, here’s who shared their knowledge: 

Mikko Seppä – HeadQ

The event started strongly with Mikko, who answered the question that weighs on all marketers – how to improve your sales strategy? Did you know about omnichannel sales strategy and self-serve channels for b2b companies? Well, now you do!

Follow Mikko Seppä on LinkedIn and check out his presentation here!

Magda Kolesinski – KDV Growth

Magda took over the “microphone” from Mikko, taking us to the email marketing corner where we want everything to be always alright – deliverability. After she reminded us of the most common deliverability mistakes, she also handed out tips on increasing email marketing reach.

Here, you can see Magda’s presentation; also, drop by her LinkedIn page.

Svitlana Fursa – Promodo

Svitlana joined our group of performers at the last minute and showed that the experts really do know their craft by heart. She touched on topics no email marketer can avoid, such as list growth mechanics, segmentation, consent preferences, etc. Svitlana also inspired us with several innovative approaches, such as non-standard examples of flows and gamification.

Check out Svitlana’s presentation here and follow her on LinkedIn!

Dmitry Kudrenko – & eSputnik

Last but not in any way least, Dmitry took us on a walk into the future of email marketing. We got a glimpse of the evolution of senders, customer grids, journey maps, and much more. Dmitry knows what to do to be ahead of the game. Now you also have a good insight into it!

Look at Dmitry’s part here, and be sure to check his LinkedIn!

If you would like to look at the webinar again – the entire event recording is available on
Smaily's YouTube channel:

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