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Erkki Markus & Tanel Rand from Smaily - Anatomy of the Perfect Newsletter

Kicking off the event were Erkki and Tanel from Smaily, who dissected the anatomy of a newsletter:

  • How to make the most of the subject line?
  • Who should send out the newsletter?
  • Why are no-reply addresses a no go?
  • How do visuals affect the results of your emails?

Check out Erkki's and Tanel's presentation!

Radek Kaczyński from Bouncer -
Email Deliverability 

To help make sure your emails reach their intended destination, Radek Kaczyński from Bouncer spoke about what you need to know about deliverability:

  • What is the holistic view on email deliverability?
  • How to manage your contact list?
  • How to approach email bounces?

Check out Radek 's presentation!

Rui Nunes from sendXmail(s) - Email Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Goals

Wrapping things up, Rui Nunes would help you set up a medal-worthy email marketing strategy:

  • Where are you now and what are your main challenges?
  • How to define your goals?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • How to turn your winning strategy into action?

Check out Rui Nunes' presentation!

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