Thank you for attending the webinar
"Masters of Email Marketing – the Sequel"!

Smaily’s webinar took place on the 25th of May. The event featured four international email marketing experts who shared their knowledge of the very vast landscape of email marketing.

And you know what the coolest part of it all is? The fact that you, along with all of the other email marketers and enthusiasts, made this event worthwhile! 

To express our gratitude and also make it possible for you to revisit all parts of the webinar, we’ll share the presentations of all the webinar’s speakers. If the know-how of the participants made you feel especially inspired, raised additional questions, or even ideas for cooperation – don’t worry, cause we’ve added all their LinkedIn profiles as well. 

After Erkki and Tanel from Smaily made the introduction, here’s who shared their knowledge:


Yanna-Torry Aspraki – EmailConsul

In her energetic and enjoyable presentation, Yanna-Torry took us on a tour of Gmail's inbox. This place turned out to be not as scary as it may have seemed to us email marketers! With all the clever insight Yanna-Torry gave, you’ll be sure to have an inbox compass in your pocket from now on.

Check out Yanna-Torry’s presentation here and follow her LinkedIn!


Anna Levitin – Powtoon

Email specialist Anna Levitin works in a visual communication platform and thus knows how important it is to be really seen. This bold and important theme of webinar attendance enhanced our event by inspiring you to express your brand voice and have a say in the developments of your industry.

Look at Anna Levitin’s part here, her LinkedIn profile, and also her introduction video!


Anna M. Lehto – 70/30 Digital

Talk about going in-depth! With an exploratory presentation full of exciting facts and reports, Anna M. Lehto addressed an essential issue in today's world of increasingly rule-controlled marketing. How to properly collect and use customer data to your advantage? See the presentation again! Cause, in this case, we're also talking about vital knowledge for successful email marketing.

Follow Anna M. Lehto on LinkedIn and check out her presentation here!


Andrew Wong – ANTZ Digital

Last but not least, during his vivacious and interactive presentation, Andrew summed up both our day and the entirety of email marketing! From strategy to content and results – here is an excellent overview of this crazy little thing called email marketing, to which we dedicate ourselves daily.

Here, you can see Andrew’s presentation; also, drop by his LinkedIn page.

If you were unable to attend the seminar or would like to review the training again –

the entire recording of the webinar is available on Smaily's YouTube channel:

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Paulina Kerzaitė


"Thank you Smaily for this webinar."

Maarika Haavistu


"Väga hea webinar oli eile, tugevad esinejad! Jätkake samas vaimus!"

Johanna Paronen


"Teillä oli hieno tapahtuma eilen. Onnittelut siitä."


Thank you again for making our event more special with your attendance, and until next time – we wish you successful email marketing!


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